Top Computer Awareness MCQs for Competitive Exams Quiz

Top Computer Awareness MCQs for Competitive Exams Quiz set – 1

1. What is the permanent memory built into your computer is called  ?


2. The output of an exclusive – NOR  gate is  1. Which input combination is correct ?


3. The mouse pointer moves erratically . What is the possible cause ?


4. Which of the transport layer protocols is connectionless ?


5. Which of the following is  NOT a basic element within the Microprocessor  ?


6. Which command is used to display UNIX version ?


7. The circuit in the 8085 that provide the arithmetic and logic functions are called  __________  ?


8. A Flip – Flop has ___________ ?


9. On a Excel sheet , the active cell is indicated by  ?


10. The term ‘red book’, ‘yellow book’,  and ‘orange book’ refers to _____ ?


11. Which of the following operating system does not implement multitasking ?


12. Which segment  do Flipkart, Amazon , eBay  etc belong to ?


13. Which of the followings is the reliable topology ?


14. Which of the following computer language is used for artificial intelligence ?


15. Which of the following is not an  operating system ?


16. Devices on one network can communicate with devices on another network via  a __________


17. Which of the following is bidirectional bus ?


18. Codes consisting of light and dark marks  which may be optically read  is known as  _______ ?


19. ODBC stand for __________ ?


20. Linux is  a(n)  ____________ operating system ?


21. Debugging is the process of ________ ?


22. Which of the following is part of E-Commerce ?


23. Which of the following of the TCP/IP protocols is used for transferring files from one machine to another machine ?


24. They F12 opens the ________  dialog box .


25. Which of the following is the most widely used alphanumeric code for computer input and output ?


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